Books about fairies

Here are some books good to read to get to know more about them.

One of my favorite is The Fairy Bible (La Bible des Fées) written by Teresa Moorey.

It talks about the types of fairies of different elements and environment such as water, air, fire, earth, house, flower, tree and climate. It includes stories and descriptions about each of them. The book also includes ways of connecting with them, protecting, asking for help and even written meditations. You have a dictonnary section where you can search for different fairy spirits from different cultures and even some recommanded ouvrages.

Books written by Doreen Virtue about fairies:

  • Fairies 101 (Fées 101)
  • Healing with the fairies (Guérir avec l’aide des fées)
  • Earth angels: A pocket guide for Incarnated Angels, elementals, starpeople, Walk-ins and wizards (Anges terrestres: Guide pratique pour les anges incarnés, les élémentals, les êtres venus des étoiles, les walk-ins et les magiciens: Talks about reincarnated elementals which were basically fairies in another life time.

There are other books, but these are the main I know.

For your information, Doreen Virtue gives a course on fairies: Fairyologist. To know more about it, here is the link to the website:

Healing power of faery (Le pouvoir guérisseur des fées) by Edain Mccoy

This one is to let you know more about fairies, connect with them, how to visit the fairy dimension, how to become a faery shaman and some ritual you can make with different elementals.

As you see, fairies are often associated with magic, maybe because unlike angels they have egos and many incarnated fairies were called witches at the time because they knew a lot about herbs, plants, and how to connect deeply with nature.

I will other posts about them, to let you know more, but if like me you are curious. These books will help and you will find others. I might as well update my list another time, because with my course, I am going to study them more and so search for more sources of knowledge.

Good reading 🙂


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