The wall (emotions)

Sometimes, you get away from people because they hurt you and you don’t know how to forgive.
We build wall normally to keep people from hurting us anymore. And the common thing people do, not wanting to feel guilty is that they say that it is not their fault or that you too did something wrong. Like in a court, this is defense.
The truth is, that most of times, there is different point of views of the story happening, since everyone has their life to protect and they will continue living after you’ve been in their life.
It does not matter who is wrong and who is right unless you want to really prouve your point. Some call that passive. I call that respect.
I always try to see the two sides of the story because there is always since we all are different.
The wall keep us safe, but keep us too from feeling and hearing what could help us pass through the pain and the emotions rushing through us. Like when you put a band-aid on a wound, eventually you have to remove it so that the injury can heal.
Have a safe day and beautiful love surrounding you to heal and thrust again. 🙂
Words to speak love

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