A father drive his son to school and tell him before his son goes in the school:

Father: Please be kind and don’t get angry at people. Don’t do something to someone else that you would not like yourself.

Son: But what if they tease me and try to test me?

Father: You are stronger than you think. Anger never leads anywhere. Be smarter. Think of another way to make them understand how you feel.

The father hugs his son and his son goes inside the school.

At the end of the day, the father come pick up his son. The son looks happy, but sad at the same time.

Father: Hi son, how was your day?

Son: Dad… People are so sad… One of my classmates just lost his dad and I didn’t understand why he was not talking but he said his family told him to be strong and so he could not talk about it. Why?

The father look at his son, smile to him and kiss his head. They drove silently and they put some music.

At home, the father and son ate in front of each others like everyday. The father smile to his son and told him:

Father: I do miss your mother, but I can not change what happened so I moved on and do not cry about it anymore. I have you to take care so yes I must be strong to protect you and live my life.

Son: Thank you dad for being there for me, I am there for you too.

The son and father are roles to make us understand that in life nothing always seem as it is. We do feel and are allowed to feel as long as we are able to move on after. Intuition comes from feeling (heart) and silence can be wise if we don’t shut ourself just to please or just to put away the pain. So talk, write, do movies, sing, dance but please let it out. You don’t have to hurt or get angry at anyone for that.





The hardest part of being human is learning everything again and the emotions.

Feeling is something special and we all go through this. We get laughed at by being vulnerable, shy or just because we lack of confidence.

I was not born a talker. In one of my past lives, I was a priest. Does that make me religious now… No lol.

I learned that we are spiritual and not religious. We are who we are, simple as that.

I am not perfect and I am not special. I am me.

We are all unique and that is important.

We all deserve love and happiness.

We all search for it but it is not something you search but live by being and respecting yourself.

I hope this helped you and have a great day 🙂



Words to speak love

Language (Choose your words)

You were born and you discovered a new langage or a language that you already knew.

Peu importe quel est le langage que vous utilisez. Vous êtes né et en avez appris un.

I was born and I learned french at school and home and meeting people and listening to english movies, shows and reading books, I learned my english.

One thing I like is the words we choose to say what we want to say and our internal way to speak to ourselves. 

Les mots que nous choississons pour dire ce que nous voulons dire et notre façon de nous parler intérieurement.

I was walking on the street and crossed the path of a dragonfly who was flying near me and one was on the ground where cars pass.

 I said to the dragonfly “Tention!” meaning “Attention” (Careful in english)

The word “tention” is an abbrievation and it can mean stress (tension). The full word “Attention” is about being vigilant. So basically internally I was stressed about this situation and depending on your mindset and your experiences the fear of not being in control can make you react in certain ways.

I banned certain words from internal vocabulary in order to be peaceful and not being mean to myself. Encouraging yourself instead is better. 

Aggressive can be mixed with having drive and it is not the same thing.

L’ego va nous dire que c’est correct de dire telle ou telle chose pour nous sentir mieux et nous soulager et la colère va souvent sortir ou rester à l’intérieur pris…. Non. Il y a des façons de canaliser notre énergie pour ne pas se faire consumer par elle sans avoir à être agressif ou garder tout en dedans.

The best thing is to make peace with your ego and accept that you have one and that it is alright to not be perfect and find ways to speak without getting upset or such emotions all the time. It may happens, we are humans after all.

I want to focus on the solution and not on the problem, but I have to know the problem to fix it.

If I am used to say to myself: “I am stupid”, I can change it for: “I can do better”. It depends on the situation you are living.

Tell me if you like this kind of topics and what you think about this.
I hope you have a great day ❤✌

Words to speak love

The wall (emotions)

Sometimes, you get away from people because they hurt you and you don’t know how to forgive.
We build wall normally to keep people from hurting us anymore. And the common thing people do, not wanting to feel guilty is that they say that it is not their fault or that you too did something wrong. Like in a court, this is defense.
The truth is, that most of times, there is different point of views of the story happening, since everyone has their life to protect and they will continue living after you’ve been in their life.
It does not matter who is wrong and who is right unless you want to really prouve your point. Some call that passive. I call that respect.
I always try to see the two sides of the story because there is always since we all are different.
The wall keep us safe, but keep us too from feeling and hearing what could help us pass through the pain and the emotions rushing through us. Like when you put a band-aid on a wound, eventually you have to remove it so that the injury can heal.
Have a safe day and beautiful love surrounding you to heal and thrust again. 🙂
Words to speak love