Fears (why are we afraid of what we do not understand)

If you are reading this, you probably want to know more about your fears and lucky you! I am about to talk about it.

As a child I was afraid of many things. Who never went to the clinic to have needle stick for a vaccine and cry and yell your heart out.

Babies do not know or understand pain always and as a kid your body is beginning to understand it.

Spiders… A lot of people are afraid and do not want to approach them. I learned recently information about them that made me understand them more. To be brief, there is no gravity from where they come from which is a tridimensionnal universe. Most of them they are as much afraid of you than you are of them since they are trying to live like us on this planet. If you want to know more about them and other animals and insects, Diana Cooper has made one book about it on a spiritual level: http://www.dianacooper.com/books/animals/

I know death is scary when you don’t understand it. I think at some point, it can be consider normal. We should not be so afraid about it, but some part of us do not know what will happen.

I was tired to be always asking myself about death, so I made some research and discovered that spirituality is not always related to religion. It is more about faith and belief and facts.

When you grow up thinking that you have to be baptise and choose a religion or that your parents already did it for you it can be overwhelming.

If you would ask me what is my religion, I would answer: “Love”. This is my religion always.

Learning and growing up with your experiences help you have a better understanding of this world and be less afraid of it and of yourself.

I know that some of us will want to do things to pass over fears and I find it is a really beautiful thing to do. Learning, reading and experiencing, always in a safe way is wonderful and I encourage you to do it if your heart tells you to do so.

Have a good day 🙂 🌸❤

May the force be with you 😀 (Star Wars)

Hope – Word to speak love ✌


One Reply to “Fears (why are we afraid of what we do not understand)”

  1. Nice post! I personally recommend the book ‘The power of now’ by Eckhart Tolle for a great insight into ‘enlightenment’ and an all-round sense of peace. 🙂

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