Hope (a thinking about self love)

One day, I was tired of not feeling to have the control of my life.

I was always asking myself what I was doing here, on this earth.

I had to find strength inside everyday to get up and do my things because I was depressed.


Where is it?

Where does it came from.


L’amour nous rend plus fort. Il nous libère de nos chaines quand on se sent démunis de tout ce qui nous connecte à nous mêmes, aux autres personnes et notre subconscient autant que notre conscient.

It comes from inside. You find it in the littles thing you do everyday for you or others, but let’s say it: Love is a feeling and it is a state of mind that start from the heart. Fear being its worst enemy.

On dit qu’il faut être fort pour aimer quelqu’un pour la vie et il faut aussi l’être pour s’aimer pour la vie.

On est né pour une raison et cette raison nous est importante seulement parce que nous la cherchons toute notre vie.

La source de l’amour est simple pourtant.

Croire en soi

Se faire confiance

S’aimer comme on est, avec nos défauts et qualités

Après on va pouvoir aimer quelqu’un… Et si ce quelqu’un n’existait pas?

How can we find this love. The main rule to love is love yourself and love will find you.

So, to go back to my story. I just love myself the best I can by being kind and respecting myself as much as possible.

Perfection is not needed, because we all do mistakes and learn that way. And I believe that when we are more synchronised with our being, we find ourselves really perfect the way we are and always evolving to become better.

Thank you for reading this post.

Sending you love 🙂



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