Fears (why are we afraid of what we do not understand)

If you are reading this, you probably want to know more about your fears and lucky you! I am about to talk about it.

As a child I was afraid of many things. Who never went to the clinic to have needle stick for a vaccine and cry and yell your heart out.

Babies do not know or understand pain always and as a kid your body is beginning to understand it.

Spiders… A lot of people are afraid and do not want to approach them. I learned recently information about them that made me understand them more. To be brief, there is no gravity from where they come from which is a tridimensionnal universe. Most of them they are as much afraid of you than you are of them since they are trying to live like us on this planet. If you want to know more about them and other animals and insects, Diana Cooper has made one book about it on a spiritual level: http://www.dianacooper.com/books/animals/

I know death is scary when you don’t understand it. I think at some point, it can be consider normal. We should not be so afraid about it, but some part of us do not know what will happen.

I was tired to be always asking myself about death, so I made some research and discovered that spirituality is not always related to religion. It is more about faith and belief and facts.

When you grow up thinking that you have to be baptise and choose a religion or that your parents already did it for you it can be overwhelming.

If you would ask me what is my religion, I would answer: “Love”. This is my religion always.

Learning and growing up with your experiences help you have a better understanding of this world and be less afraid of it and of yourself.

I know that some of us will want to do things to pass over fears and I find it is a really beautiful thing to do. Learning, reading and experiencing, always in a safe way is wonderful and I encourage you to do it if your heart tells you to do so.

Have a good day 🙂 🌸❤

May the force be with you 😀 (Star Wars)

Hope – Word to speak love ✌


Sending Hope on your way

I want to tell you why I send so much messages about hope.

Hope is “Espoir” in french. It means having faith for something and it can be many things.

In my life, I had many ups and down like anyone. Des hauts et des bas. It just happens and it is part of your growing process.

It is not always easy in life and what lead me to doing this blog is wanting to express my gratitude towards life.

If you have the courage to look towards the light in your deepest moment, you have this hope inside you for always searching for the best in everything and everyone.

Remember to just let go what does not serve you anymore, what is blocking you from continuing on your light path. Loving yourself is releasing things, issues that you do not need anymore and that is not for your highest good.

Always search for the beauty inside and let it shine!

Being sorry/ Être désolé…

Ce que j’ai appris avec le mot “désolé” ou “je m’excuse”.

What I learned about the word “sorry” or “I apologize”.

Des fois c’est mieux de le dire au lieu d’écouter son égo et la personne comprendra et vous pardonnera.

Sometimes it’s better to say it instead of listening to your ego and the person will understand and forgive you.

D’autres fois, le dire est inutile quand on s’excuse pour rien en fait et la personne va juste se demander si on a une raison de s’en vouloir.

Other times, saying it is useless when we apologize for nothing and the person will only ask herself if we have a reason to be sorry.

Et il y a ces fois où c’est nous qui aimerais que la personne réalise qu’elle nous a fait mal et dans ces cas-ci souvent la personne a peut-être eu mal aussi mais vu que c’est le cas ou qu’elle se sent mal de le dire et que vous la blamier pas la suite, elle vous laissera croire que c’est juste à vous de le dire. Dans ce cas, c’est plus compliqué, vu que les deux devraient reconnaitre ce qu’ils ont fait et s’excuser mutuellement. Ce qui est rare… L’égo, orgueil…

And there is those times when you would like the person to realise that she hurt you and in those cases, often the person is maybe hurt too, but since she feel bad to say it and that you blame her after, she will make you believe it’s only you to say it. In this case, it is more complicated, since the two parties should recognize what they done and apologize mutually. What is rare… The ego, pride…

Dans tous ces cas, le mieux est de garder le coeur ouvert et le laisser parler. Si vous avez blessé ou si vous êtes blessé.

In all of those cases, the best is to keep your heart open and to let it talk. If you have hurt or if you are hurt.

Si vous êtes empathique, souvent vous sentez ces choses-là quand la personne vous en veux encore et que vous êtes celle des fois qui pardonne. Et des fois c’est l’inverse 🙂

If you are an empath, often you will sense those things when the person is still mad at you for something and that you are the one  who forgive. And other times, it’s inverted.

Making peace sometimes is the best. What is better than a hug? 

Pardonnez-vous ❤

Forgive yourself.

Passez à autre chose.

Move on



Words to speak love

Stronger (going through depression)

The truth about depression is that only you can really save yourself through self love. 

You have to find the strenght inside you that will bring you too realise that you still have things to do here and that you want that light to shine again where ever it is inside. ☀

Nous somme déjà complets et nous avons toutes les réponses en nous. Croyez en vous ❤

We are already complete and we have all the answers inside us. Believe in your self. ❤ 

Bonne fin de journée ou peu importe ou vous êtes dans le temps 😉

Good end of the day or whenever you are in time 😉



Words to speak love

Ce matin/ This morning

I woke up with an impression of struggling and I didn’t know how to get rid of it.

I went outside to help it to go away. you know when you just need to anchor yourself and spend some time in nature to get fresh air.

Les émotions comme ça passent. Il ne faut pas leur donner plus d’importance qu’elles en ont.

Everything is going to go back into place with time and meditation.

Have a wonderful day 🙂



Hope (a thinking about self love)

One day, I was tired of not feeling to have the control of my life.

I was always asking myself what I was doing here, on this earth.

I had to find strength inside everyday to get up and do my things because I was depressed.


Where is it?

Where does it came from.


L’amour nous rend plus fort. Il nous libère de nos chaines quand on se sent démunis de tout ce qui nous connecte à nous mêmes, aux autres personnes et notre subconscient autant que notre conscient.

It comes from inside. You find it in the littles thing you do everyday for you or others, but let’s say it: Love is a feeling and it is a state of mind that start from the heart. Fear being its worst enemy.

On dit qu’il faut être fort pour aimer quelqu’un pour la vie et il faut aussi l’être pour s’aimer pour la vie.

On est né pour une raison et cette raison nous est importante seulement parce que nous la cherchons toute notre vie.

La source de l’amour est simple pourtant.

Croire en soi

Se faire confiance

S’aimer comme on est, avec nos défauts et qualités

Après on va pouvoir aimer quelqu’un… Et si ce quelqu’un n’existait pas?

How can we find this love. The main rule to love is love yourself and love will find you.

So, to go back to my story. I just love myself the best I can by being kind and respecting myself as much as possible.

Perfection is not needed, because we all do mistakes and learn that way. And I believe that when we are more synchronised with our being, we find ourselves really perfect the way we are and always evolving to become better.

Thank you for reading this post.

Sending you love 🙂


Welcome to everyone

Bienvenue à tous! 🌸

Welcome to everyone!

Je vous souhaite la meilleure des journées et j’espère que vous allez tous à votre mieux. Et si ce n’est pas le cas, gardez l’espoir, continuez d’être positifs et aimant envers vous même et respectueux envers les autres et ça ira mieux.

Ce blogue est pour les personnes qui veulent se connecter avec elles-mêmes d’une façon positive, avec amour et tous ceux et celles qui veulent partager des pensées sur des moyens de s’aimer mieux et d’aider d’autres en le faisant.


I wish you to have the most wonderful day and hope that you are at your best. And if it is not the case, keep hope, continue to be positive and be kind to yourself and respectful to others and it will be better.

This blog is for people who want to connect with themselves in a positive and loving way, and anyone who want to share thoughts on ways to love ourselves better and to help others by doing so.
Je vous invite à suivre les publications sur ce blogue et à les partager si vous voulez.

I invite you to follow the posts on this this blog and to share them if you want.


Sending love to your day